Thursday, May 7, 2009

3 more month

It has been a while since I posted. I had to put my weight loss goal on hold for a while, busy with school, work and tax season. But I must say that I am glad that Britta and I decided to get help through a personal trainer. I used to, key work here used to believe that it was a waste of time and money to hire a personal trainer, but to my surprise it has been the best investment I have made. It's been about two month and it has been very hard but worth it. I was getting upset because I wasn't seeing any loss on the scale, so I decided to avoid the scale all together for now, but I have notice that I have lost some sizes on my stomach and face, and my legs are getting tone (squats, lots of squats). I feel better and stronger, core exercise do that, WOW, I learned something, I used to lift weights but this is much better, I feel younger. I am looking forward to seeing a six pack this summer, even if I have to spray painted...LOL , just kidding.
I can actually run 2 mile on the treadmill, I am working on doing the same outside, it is a totally different feel to it. Well Britt, we are not looking back now, I keep telling myself, "eyes on the goal", my life for the past year has been a life of goals, some big and some small, but I am getting there.

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  1. You can do it, just stay focused & keep your eye on the prize.